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Digilog LA (Latin America), which started operations in 2008, was originally tasked to devise a process capable of identifying and weeding-out both fake applications and tenants alike. Following a six month trial, of the 1,500 cases evaluated using AVS (Advanced Validation Solution), there was only 1 case considered bad against the regular rate of 300, a staggering drop from the usual 20% claim rate to only 0.066%.

Following these staggering resul…

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Right Choice Insurance Broker take a stake in Digilog UK





RCIB Managing Director Mike Joseph commented “Having been a customer of Digilog and witnessing the successful integration of their solution into RCIB and the significant improvements it has made to our fraud detection, it was a natural progression for us to take a stake in their business, enabling us to work closer together to further develop the product for the insurance industry and beyond”.   

RCIB’s Tony Martin has joined the Digilog UK board an…

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Only Young Drivers celebrate five years of using Digilog's AVS process to provide competitive car insurance to young drivers


Selecter t/as Only Young Drivers (OYD) have worked in partnership with Digilog for over five years now using the Advanced Validation Screening (AVS) process to screen motor insurance applications for 17-25 year olds. Trained agents use the Digilog process and AVS techniques to assess a drivers attitude towards driving and offer highly competitive car insurance to responsible young drivers.

Assessing a policyholders attitude towards driving through the Digilog AVS Process has resulted in an overall reduction in claims for insurers and an improved loss ratio. This has helped Selecter to develop successful partnerships with several large UK insurers and create a unique proposition in the very challenging area of insurance for young drivers. The Digilog OYD approach also provides a viable alternative to ‘telematics’ by assessing the policyholders attitude towards driving before a policy is issued.

It has been an exciting five years and we look forward to a long and successful future using the Digilog AVS process to provide young drivers with competitive car insurance.


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Right Choice Insurance Broker (RCIB) begin using Digilog’s Advanced Interviewing Techniques and Voice Risk Analysis Software to screen motor insurance applications

Leading UK Insurance Broker ‘Right Choice’ have begun using Digilog’s ‘Advanced Interviewing Techniques’ and ‘Voice Risk Analysis Software’ in conjunction with their own in house risk assessment methods to screen insurance applications.

RCIB have experienced rapid growth within the motor insurance sector and have embraced the latest advanced methods to develop their business into the industry powerhouse it is today.

Utilising Digilog’s specialist techniques and technology will allow a …

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Specialist Insurance Broker begins screening applications for Taxi Insurance using Digilog's AVS Process

Digilog UK are proud to announce that a leading Motor Insurance Broker specialising in Taxi Insurance has begun using Digilog’s AVS Process for screening motor insurance applications.

 Taxi Insurance is regarded as a high risk area of motor insurance that presents a significant risk of losses from a minority of policyholders. Digilog’s AVS process will help to bring benefits by reducing the risk posed by these minority of policyholders and improve results to the Insurer. This helps to benefit the majority of genuine customers by potential future premium reductions and increased capacity for the Broker. The objective of Digilog’s AVS process is to quickly identify genuine insurance applications by accurately assessing risk, while ‘weeding out’ undesirable customers who can either be refused insurance or have their premium priced according to risk.

 This represents the latest in a line of Insurance Brokers and Intermediaries to begin using Digilog’s AVS process and is further evidence of the substantial benefits that AVS can bring to the underwriting arena.

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