Right Choice Insurance Broker (RCIB) begins using Digilog’s Advanced Interviewing Techniques and Voice Risk Analysis Software to screen motor insurance applications

Leading UK Insurance Broker ‘Right Choice’ have begun using Digilog’s ‘Advanced Interviewing Techniques’ and ‘Voice Risk Analysis Software’ in conjunction with their own in house risk assessment methods to screen insurance applications.

RCIB have experienced rapid growth within the motor insurance sector and have embraced the latest advanced methods to develop their business into the industry powerhouse it is today.

Utilising Digilog’s specialist techniques and technology will allow a …

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Specialist Insurance Broker begins screening applications for Taxi Insurance using Digilog's AVS Process

Digilog UK are proud to announce that a leading Motor Insurance Broker specialising in Taxi Insurance has begun using Digilog’s AVS Process for screening motor insurance applications.

 Taxi Insurance is regarded as a high risk area of motor insurance that presents a significant risk of losses from a minority of policyholders. Digilog’s AVS process will help to bring benefits by reducing the risk posed by these minority of policyholders and improve results to the Insurer. This helps to benefit…

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Digilog invited to speak at the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS) Conference

Lior Koskas, Digilog’s Managing Director was invited as guest speaker on the subject of “Detecting Risk in Human Voice and Language Indicators” in the upcoming international event (Vienna, 29th – 30th September 2014)

WINS vision is to help improve security of nuclear and high hazard radioactive materials so that they are secure from unauthorised access, theft, sabotage and diversion and cannot be utilised for terrorist or other nefarious purposes.

The organisation provide an international …

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Open College Network (OCN) changes to 'Gateway Qualifications'

Gateway Qualifications has became the new name for Open College Network Eastern Region.

DigiLog’s commitment to delivering meaningful, high quality qualifications as part of our training programmes remains the same.

Gateway Qualifications is an awarding organisation that puts fresh emphasis on empowering learners everywhere by providing accredited learning experiences that inspire personal development.

The qualification achieved through our training represents everything that our learne…

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Digilog UK presents at the ACFE Annual Conference

Digilog were invited by ACFE UK chapter to present on the subject of Cognitive interviewing.

Digilog has carefully researched, tested and proven its Narrative Integrity Analysis (NIA) techniques. NIA focuses on over 30, finely-tuned, verbal and vocal behavioural indicators of truth and deception. Understanding the psychology of lying and applying the techniques to identify these within a conversation enable accurate identification of risk indicators of truth and deception present within a con…

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