Commercial Legal & One Call Insurance deploy Digilog’s Solution in the Fight Against Exaggerated and Fraudulent Claims

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Commercial Legal, part of the One Call Group has successfully launched Digilog’s Advanced Validation Solution within their claims operation. Flexible question sets, in conjunction with internal legacy systems, support a more robust risk assessment scheme where fraud, exaggeration or misrepresentation is prevalent.

By embedding Digilog’s innovative approach, incorporating both Voice Risk Analysis and Narrative Integrity Analysis, into their in-house claim registration and validation procedure, Commercial Legal are able to screen claims effectively and efficiently. What’s more the flexibility of supporting scripts means a multitude of perils can be addressed in a single deployment; be it RTA, Fire, Theft, SVI or Vandalism. Tom Williams Dip CII, Senior Claims Manager at Commercial Legal explains more:

‘At Commercial Legal we are continuously making improvements to our claims process to improve and develop our customer journey and reduce fraudulent claims.’

‘We believe that implementing the Digilog technology within our internal process will be advantageous to the insurers’ loss ratio by reducing fraudulent claims; furthermore due to a more efficient validation process this will have significant impact on our customer and claims journey.’

‘The training and support provided by Digilog throughout the set-up of this project has been conducted professionally, efficiently and covered advanced validation screening in good depth which should help deliver on what we are expecting to achieve by using the advanced validation solution.’

Lior Koskas, Managing Director of Digilog further noted:

“Swift and effective claims validation has always been a key focus for Commercial Legal, with emphasis on customer satisfaction. By incorporating Digilog’s Advanced Validation Solution at the FNOL and Claims Investigation stages we can instantly assess for risk, not only conserving costs where repairers, insurers or solicitors may previously have been instructed unnecessarily but eliminate the need to carry out fruitless activities on claims that Digilog’s AVS strongly indicates are genuine.

Of course it helps that they have a great team, both management and frontline, all of whom have embraced the introduction of the new technology and fully engaged with the process. I am excited to see the positive impact this has on their claims cycle and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between One Call, Commercial Legal and Digilog.”