Digilog UK announce that Peter Horton (former Chief Operating Office of LV General Insurance) joins the Board of Directors


Digilog Managing Director Lior Koskas commented “We are delighted that Peter Horton has agreed to join the Digilog Executive team. Since Peter exited LV as their General Insurance Chief Operating Officer he has worked closely with Digilog on a number of new business opportunities. Given Peter’s wealth of industry expertise his contribution has been invaluable. I am extremely excited that someone of Peter’s calibre wishes to share in the growing success of Digilog”.
Peter Horton commented “As Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Vehicle Partnership (CVP) my company has worked very closely with Digilog on numerous projects, seeing first-hand how Digilog has evolved as a service & diversified in to other sectors beyond insurance. Claims & Underwriting remain at its core. I am looking forward to working with Lior & his team & sharing in their success”.