Specialist Insurance Broker begins screening applications for Taxi Insurance using Digilog’s AVS Process

Digilog UK are proud to announce that a leading Motor Insurance Broker specialising in Taxi Insurance has begun using Digilogs AVS Process for screening motor insurance applications. Taxi Insurance is regarded as a high risk area of motor insurance that presents a significant risk of losses from a minority  of policyholders. Digilogs AVS process will help to bring benefits by reducing the risk posed by these minority  of policyholders and improve results to the Insurer. This helps to benefit  the majority of genuine customers  by potential future premium reductions and increased capacity for the Broker. The objective of Digilogs AVS process is to quickly identify genuine insurance applications by accurately assessing risk, while weeding out undesirable customers who can either be refused insurance or have their premium priced according to risk. This represents the latest in a line of Insurance Brokers and Intermediaries to begin using Digilogs AVS process and is further evidence of the substantial benefits that AVS can bring to the underwriting arena.