ECM – Electronic Conversation Management System


Introducing Digilog UK’s enhanced eCM:RiskMaster, a powerful and easy to use method for assessing risk in telephone conversations.

eCM:RiskMaster brings together the best elements of Cognitive Interviewing, Behavioural Analysis, Intelligent Questioning, Applied Psychology and Conversation Management into one ergonomic interface designed for efficient and user-friendly processing.

Some of the additional and enhanced functions included within the new system are:

Script Navigation & Design

  • Ability for script integration & recreation of existing client documentation i.e. claim / application forms
  • Improved user interface with the ability to include multiple questions

Data Capture & Risk Assessment

  • Direct data import facility allowing the screener to access current information held on a back office system through AVS RiskMaster.
  • Direct data export facility allowing the screener to simultaneously capture all information required for the claim / application whilst completing their risk assessment
  • Automatically imports and stores exported data via XML files

Case Reporting

  • Recreation of existing client documentation will support seamless integration with existing processes
  • Risk reports detailing relevant risk and indemnity issues

Management Information

  • All new Management Information recording and viewing facility to provide easier and more accurate recording of claim data and team performance, tailored for your specific requirements
  • Automated collation of Management Information to a central database.

Client studies show that RiskMaster is incredibly accurate at identifying genuine disclosures, leaving you free to concentrate your valuable resources on validating information that has clearly indicated Risk.

Empowering your operation with this cutting-edge, world leading process for real time risk assessment has never been easier.

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