DigiBlog: Retaining and empowering staff with technology


Where news is dominated by the concept of data enrichment and there is talk of a ‘technical revolution’ we find ourselves in the middle of a steadfast digital age. Lior Koskas, Managing Director, Digilog UK explains.

With advancements in technology comes the introduction of innovative software designed to make our jobs a whole lot easier, with general developments in areas such as claims screening software and more specifically voice risk analysis.

Understandably, such enhancements often elicit negative perception among prospective users with questions as to their general efficacy and moral purpose. Nonetheless developments in technology should be something we look to with great anticipation of how they are going to change industry processes and streamline fraud detection and prevention – only, not to the detriment of the customer or by the same token, our employees. Ultimately, you want them to engage with the process, not fear the repercussions.

The key is not to make employees feel inferior, or more seriously, surplus to requirements, but instead invest in them and allow them to develop their skills in keeping with advancements of technology. ‘Return on investment’ is a term we see a lot when it comes to a new proposal and further influences our decision to pursue or pass up a product but just how good are we at showing the same level of consideration when it comes to investing in our staff?

You can invest a vast amount of time and money into a single individual just as you can invest capital into the latest claims validation software. However, staff turnover can be troublesome and so the issue is then retaining the benefits moving forward. Here the focus draws away from business acumen and instead becomes personal.

There is a lot to be said for staff feeling valued and providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills, be it through bespoke training, the chance to obtain further qualifications or being exposed to cutting edge technologies. Although we view ‘people’ and ‘technology’ as two very different entities with a multitude of things to offer, emphasis in present day should be more on how the two interact with one another.

Technology may have a lot to offer but individuals do too. We are extremely fortunate when it comes to diversity within the industry with influence from an abundance of sources ranging from brokers, policing services and private investigations to name a few. Each profession brings insight into differing approaches, be it in relation to communication or risk screening skills.

What’s more, with the introduction of Chartered Insurance Institute qualifications and, more recently, the City of London Police’s Accredited Counter Fraud Technician Programme, those from outside the industry are presented with an opportunity to explore a field they had initially disregarded be it based on degree discipline or the pursuit of a career elsewhere.

Arguably this has opened up a whole new world of claims handling and investigative services. Here, where direct sales and claims handling experience is perhaps lacking people are not simply over-looked for pivotal roles, instead they are brought in and encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences as well as being presented with an opportunity to gain industry-specific qualifications.

That is what is so exciting about our industry: we have the aptitude to empower our frontline staff with new and innovative approaches to identify fraud, by investing in not only the appropriate technology to support them in their day-to-day roles but also their own personal development.

This article first appeared on Post Online