Quoteline Direct & Wilsons Insurance enhance Validation Process in Partnership with Digilog UK

Quoteline Direct, part of the Wilsons Insurance Group in Manchester, have extended their fraud detection capabilities thanks to a strategic partnership with Digilog.

Paul O’Gorman, a Director at Wilsons, comments “Over the last few years we’ve spent a lot of time and money developing solutions to protect our insurer accounts at point of quote, point of sale and even post sale. Including not offering a quote where the potential customer fails real time ID verification and the use of real time pricing tools to consider acceptance as well as premium.

But we were missing a link in the chain. Where we are comfortable quoting but one of our validation indicators suggests that we need to talk to the client before allowing them to buy online, we needed a solution to help us identify fraud on the phone and to give us the confidence that what we are being told is the truth. There’s no point directing people offline to the phones if you can’t do any further validation.

We’d heard about Digilog and how successfully it had been used in the insurance claims environment. Working with the team at Digilog we have adapted a version of their Voice Risk Analysis technology to allow us to quickly validate the information the client is telling us to make sure we take on business based on the right information, or we turn it away!”

Quoteline Direct have successfully implemented the new system in its call centre dealing with Car and Van policies and has plans to introduce it to their national taxi division.

Lior Koskas, Managing Director of Digilog commented, “Following successful launch of the Digilog AVS (Advance Validation Screening) process Wilsons now have a robust risk assessment method in play which enables them to identify potential Risk within applications and price premiums accordingly. We are delighted that the new business team at Wilsons have fully engaged with the process and are already seeing the benefits of real-time risk assessment incorporating both our Voice Risk Analysis technology and Narrative Integrity Analysis techniques.

In addition, established systems such as CDL sit fittingly alongside our RiskMaster application allowing screeners to effectively navigate between the two systems, facilitating further validation of information provided by the customer when referred offline.

I’ve no doubt that this will be a successful and long-term partnership which extends beyond the sales floor, engaging with insurer partners and working together to offer competitive discounts, all the while striving to deter fraudulent activity.”

Peter Horton added, “Digilog are very excited to be working with Wilsons and assisting with their vision.

It’s the latest in a series of roll outs as Companies see the benefits Digilog can bring.”