Schade Magazine: DEKRA Belgium uses Voice Analysis Tool

The investigations department of DEKRA Experts Belgium has gained good experiences with the use of the Voice-analysis-tool. A quick integrity and risk analysis is executed just by doing 1 little phone call. In the beginning of the call the operator informs you that the conversation will be recorded and analysed for an integrity check.

The investigations department of DEKRA executes all sorts of investigations for insurers like fraud investigations, theft investigations, liability investigations, investigations of accidents at work and incapacity for work.

“We use the voice-analysis-tool mainly as desk research in the preliminary investigation for executing a first risk analysis of the claim. We call the parties and based on a script we ask some questions about the circumstances of their claim”, says Tim Lauwereys, Manager Investigations DEKRA Experts (part of DEKRA Belgium N.V.) ” Our operators received a one-week training in order to correctly use and interpret the tool. The tool uses an Israeli software and has already proven his usefulness for a big number of insurers in the UK. The first results in Belgium are very good and show great promise.”

The workflow is as follows:

Step 1= calibration phase. Calibration of the voice of the person you are calling.  Easy questions you don’t need to think about.

Step 2= depending on the kind of claim, different questions are asked following a fix script. The answers are analysed by the software and it verifies 5 different kinds of stress, the operator gets live       feedback on the screen. When the levels of stress do not match the calibration values you receive a high risk alarm which indicates an increase in stress in the answer. The high risk alarm means that  there is a higher risk that the answer contains a lie.

step 3= after the call, the operator interprets the claim as a high risk or a low risk. Both have different settlements of the claim. They will close the case rather quick when there is a low risk. The DEKRA  fraud inspector will further examine the claim in case of a high risk.

  • – Fast integrity and risk analysis of the claim by just 1 phone call
  • – Low costs
  • – Extra resources for the right cases (High Risk claims)
  • – Better prepared researchers in the field
  • – Large applicability in different kinds of damage insurances, in the acceptance as well as after damage

Finally Tim Lauwereys stresses that the term ‘lie detector’ is not the word to use.  “this term is in Belgium legally defined and can only be used by the Judiciary. So therefor we use the term Voice Analysis tool “, said Tim Lauwereys.

(Translation from the original Dutch article published in Schade Magazine –