Digilog AVS – Building relations with International Partners – DEKRA Belgium deploys Voice Risk Analysis

AVS - Belgium

DEKRA Belgium implements Voice Analysis Technology! In our Investigations department we have implemented a new tool that uses the latest voice analysis technology to determine whether a claim is genuine or fraudulent. This technology has already proven outstanding results in the efforts against insurance fraud in the UK. A big advantage in using this tool is that we can now make a quick and accurate assessment about the integrity of the claim. By asking the right questions at one of the involved parties during a phone call, the technology scans his/her story. This permits us to quick-scan a higher number of claims and to only select the high risk claims for further investigation. We are convinced that this tool and methodology will make a big impact on the existing efforts in fraud prevention and risk analysis. In case you have any questions or remarks concerning this topic please let us know at investigations.be@dekra.com