Month: October 2017

DigiBlog: Don’t turn your back on fraud-busting tech

Fraudsters never rest and Lior Koskas, managing director of Digilog UK, urges the industry to remain open to sharing in the latest risk identification tools and continually review procedures for fraud. Currently the civil liberties of genuine people are being infringed by the increasing numbers of fraudsters whose activities dictate that everyone else must foot […]

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Commercial Legal & One Call Insurance deploy Digilog’s Solution in the Fight Against Exaggerated and Fraudulent Claims

                           Commercial Legal, part of the One Call Group has successfully launched Digilog’s Advanced Validation Solution within their claims operation. Flexible question sets, in conjunction with internal legacy systems, support a more robust risk assessment scheme where fraud, exaggeration or misrepresentation is prevalent. […]

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Schade Magazine: DEKRA Belgium uses Voice Analysis Tool

The investigations department of DEKRA Experts Belgium has gained good experiences with the use of the Voice-analysis-tool. A quick integrity and risk analysis is executed just by doing 1 little phone call. In the beginning of the call the operator informs you that the conversation will be recorded and analysed for an integrity check. The […]

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