Gordon Hannah, eSure Head of Claims

eSure believes in this technology and we believe it can cut fraud. We want to reward honest claimants with faster service and lower premiums, so we consider this technology an important step.

The Digilog Solution cannot disadvantage a genuine claimant, it will only ever speed up their claim. It will, however, provide an indicator of potentially fraudulent claims and can help direct the search for concrete evidence of fraud. If none is found, the claim will be paid as with any other.

Nathan Bird, Managing Director, Grayson’s Insurance Brokers

The Digilog Process in combination with our own screening processes for detection of fraud has been a complete success. We fully recommend implementation of the Digilog system for screening of risk data to increase the performance of an account by prevention of fraud.

Adrian Furness, Covea Insurance Claims Director

We have seen an enormous increase in fraud savings coupled to a massive reduction in the number of complaints in the days pre Digilog.

Another benefit is that the Digilog styled questions help our genuine customers to provide much more accurate information, helping us to improve the overall efficiency of our processing. The Digilog Solution is helping us to fast track genuine claims to settlement, often 50% faster than before.

Leslie Dunn, Benefits Manager, Coventry City Council

The Digilog Solution has delivered real benefits for Coventry City Council and our customers. Not only are we now able to pay genuine claims much quicker, we are also safeguarding funds by ensuring that higher levels of fraud are identified accurately and efficiently before claims enter payment. In addition, we have found that our customers are very happy with the process and our staff enjoy the additional skills and working with such a ground breaking process.

James Plaskitt, Former Anti-Fraud Minister for the DWP

This positive and encouraging news from the pilot shows that this technology is helping to combat benefit fraud. It is also making it quicker and easier to review claims, especially for those people who are genuinely entitled to benefits.

Tim Wood – Managing Director, ChalkFace Recruitment Ltd

A major part of our recruitment challenge is to provide evidence to hiring managers that we have done all we can to minimise the risks associated with hiring staff for environments where many of the service users – often children and the elderly – are particularly vulnerable. Working with these groups requires both the right motivation and relevant experience. The Digilog Solution and Technology is a tool that can help us to screen out applicants who are not the right fit for these jobs, have an inappropriate history, or in the worst cases, are deliberately looking to infiltrate the world of care for other purposes.

Mike Joseph, Owner and Managing Director of RCIB

The Digilog Solution is a key tool for us as it enables us to ‘fast track’ many truthful customers whilst we can have more detailed discussions with those where the technology detects high risk. In the current turbulent motor market it’s more important than ever that our insurer partners have confidence in our Application Fraud processes and risk assessment before we put a customer on the books.

Jon Kirk, Managing Director, Selecter Insurance Services (Trading as Only Young Drivers)

Only Young Drivers (OYD) have worked in partnership with Digilog for over five years using the The Digilog Solution process to screen motor insurance applications for 17-25 year olds.

Trained agents use the Digilog Process and techniques to assess young drivers attitudes towards driving and offer highly competitive car insurance to responsible young drivers.

Using the Digilog Process to assess young drivers attitudes towards driving has resulted in an overall reduction in claims for insurers and an improved loss ratio by only insuring responsible and safe young drivers. This has helped OYD to develop successful partnerships with several large UK insurers and create a unique proposition in the very challenging area of insurance for young drivers. The Digilog OYD approach also provides a viable alternative to telematics by assessing the policyholders attitude towards driving before a policy is issued.

It has been an exciting five years and we look forward to a long and successful future using the Digilog Solution to provide young drivers with competitive car insurance.

Paul O’Gorman, Director at Quoteline Direct (Wilsons Insurance)

We’d heard about Digilog and how successfully it had been used in the insurance claims environment. Working with the team at Digilog we have adapted a version of their Voice Risk Analysis technology to allow us to quickly validate the information the client is telling us to make sure we take on business based on the right information, or we turn it away!

Peter Horton, Chief Operating Officer at CVP

As Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Vehicle Partnership (CVP) my company has worked very closely with Digilog on numerous projects, seeing first-hand how Digilog has evolved as a service & diversified in to other sectors beyond insurance. Claims & Underwriting remain at its core.