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CPD Accredited Counter Fraud Training

Counter fraud training programmes available from December 2021

Certified and recognised professional certificates in Fraud Awareness and Investigation.

There are many different types of fraud and insurance is one of the most targeted business sectors. In 2016, insurers detected 125,000 dishonest insurance claims valued at £1.3 billion. It is estimated that a similar amount of fraud goes undetected each year. This is why the insurance industry invests at least £200 million each year to identify fraud.

It is important for your teams, from New Business, Servicing and Claims to have a thorough understanding about fraud, its primary motivators, the red flags to suggest fraud and how to identify and report suspected fraud.

Digilog’s Introduction to Fraud online course is designed to help employees within the insurance industry to protect themselves and the organisation they belong to against the serious impact of fraud. It details the main motivations behind committing fraud and raises awareness about different types of fraud and how to spot, investigate, and report fraudulent activity.

Where Fraud is suspected, we also offer an enhanced Digilog Fraud Investigation Course. The replaces the ACFTech course previously delivered. The qualification is specifically designed for counter fraud personnel who deal with fraudulent cases at desktop, manage ongoing investigations or deal with fraud enquiries.

The course is designed to offer delegates a deeper understanding of fraud within the UK, including the precautions and measures for its control and management, coupled with a working knowledge of how to manage and develop an investigation.

Included within the course we will cover, but not be limited to: Fraud and Theft Acts, including False Accounting and False Instruments; GDPR and principles of good information handling; principles and types of evidence; Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE); best principles of Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act; Statement Writing; Bribery Act; Computer Misuse Act; how to successfully apply Conversation Management and Advanced Questioning Techniques during an interview.

The course will be delivered by Digilog Accredited Counter Fraud Trainers and is independently moderated by the Continuing Professional Development Service (CPD) who oversee the delivery of the training course taking into account the quality and effectiveness. This course can be delivered over 5 days either onsite (classroom) or via Remote Video link. To support delegate learning and successful accreditation, assessment is via a written exam broken down into 5 separate elements spread over the course of the week.

For further information relating to training, please contact Andy McGeown, Digilog Director of Training Andy.McGeown@digiloguk.com