Narrative integrity analysis

Digilog has carefully researched, tested and proven its Narrative Integrity Analysis (NIA) techniques designed for deployment in tandem with VRA technology.

NIA focuses on over 30 indicators of truth and deception wrapped within an intelligent framework of highly advanced and empowering techniques embedded within the Digilog Process including:

Advanced Questioning Techniques ensure that genuine customers are reassured by being asked only fair and reasonable questions in a professional and engaging manner. Fraudsters, on the other hand, will be unsettled, even deterred from continuing, when faced with our highly intelligent and dynamic approach.

Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing The use of important techniques that help capture critical detail of value in assessing risk.

Conversation Management Skills Maximising the confidence of genuine customers during the claims validation process via our empathic approach. These skills are a key feature of our solution in engaging with the subject and maintaining control of the conversation.

Applied Psychology Managing fraudsters away by subtly revealing our ability to focus quickly on critical risk factors within an account. These techniques are ‘invisible’ to the genuine claimant and yet will dramatically erode the confidence of even the most well practiced fraudster.