Voice risk analysis

The ground-breaking Voice Risk Analysis (VRA) technology at the heart of Digilog’s Solution uses a number of highly innovative algorithms to produce a powerful computerised analysis of risk in speech flow – either as it happens or as was captured in a recording. These identified risks not only reveal signposts to truth but also to deception, uncertainty, excitement, inaccuracy and more.


The pre-existing stress levels (which can vary considerably) of each individual customer are always taken into account before a VRA evaluation is applied. This ensures that analysis is tailored to accommodate the individual’s unique set of circumstances at the specific time their responses are analysed.

Digilog’s Solution & Technology have been adapted to meet a variety of needs such as the screening of applicants and claimants, security risk profiling, investigative interviews, including formal police investigations, etc.

Our technology performs thousands of mathematical calculations to extract more than 120 emotional data parameters from each voice segment. These are automatically analysed further, resulting in the identification of 9 major categories of emotional content, the correlating patterns of which allow the technology to determine the signposts to truth, uncertainty, deception, etc.