How about media or customer reaction to the deployment of this type of solution?

Undoubtedly early deployments of such a innovative and immensely effective process such as AVS can prove newsworthy. The key to successful media management is proactive, clear and informed communication and capitalisation of good news aspects. In reality, this process is good news for everyone except cheats and thieves.

Successful media management will be optimised by concentrating on the very real goals underpinning all good fraud prevention strategies “ to eliminate the costly risks of fraud that are ultimately paid for by honest customers and corporate stakeholders. DigiLog’s Advanced Validation Solutions enhance customer service provision whilst ensuring that decisions to decline applications or claims are both correct and justified.

For insurers, experience to date shows the process to be very definitely win win’ all around for genuine customers who will undoubtedly be more inclined to continue being a policy holder when renewal time comes around.