Is Voice Risk Analysis technology a aeoalie detectorae?

it must be understood that lying is not a unified set of feelings. Lying occurs as a result of a deep, conscious and logical decision making process that manifests as a result of a person’s intention to deceive. One person may lie to protect themselves from harm, while another may lie to gain profit, or even just to make a joke. There is no fixed set of characteristics (physiological or psychological) that differentiate lies from truth. However, VRA uses a patented and unique technology to analyse the emotional structure of what is being said, deploying a wide range spectrum analysis of micro-changes in the speech waveform itself (not micro tremors) through which we can learn about the relationship between emotion, stress and cognitive activity. For example, measurable, anomalous relationships occur when there is conflict between what the brain knows to be true but what it is instructing the subject to say. This is particularly true when the subject has a price to pay were the truth discovered. When combined with the powerful questioning techniques and NIA skills within DigiLog’s AVS, we open up an incredible window into truth and risk of deception.