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Risk & Conversation Management

The 'Digilog Solution' is designed to enhance your business objectives by accurately and efficiently validating conversation-based transactions.

Conversation Management

Described as ‘a powerful tool’, the aim of Conversation Management is to deploy a structured interview framework as a means of obtaining information from the interviewee in their own words, whether in person or over the phone or video call.

It requires the interviewer to approach the interview with an open-mind in order to effectively evaluate and assess the relevance of risk presented in the information provided, to establish whether the interviewee is being truthful or deceptive.

It is the most practical and effective investigative interviewing method, combining communications skills and advanced questioning techniques to probe for relevant information in a non-adversarial fashion.

We design the interview framework in line with current processes and propensity of risk, at all levels, supported with a comprehensive training and mentoring suite to enable investigators and handlers to develop and embed the skills.

Our unique software enables the fast & accurate validation of genuine callers whilst identifying key risk issues associated with a claim, application or dispute, irrespective of the customers past, profile or geographic location.

Our solutions are designed to assist in the following areas:

Claims Validation

  • Insurance Claims
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Disputed Transactions
  • Claims for exemption/relief
  • Warranty Claims
  • Claims against Local Authorities

Application Validation

  • Credit or Loan Applications
  • Benefit Applications/Reviews
  • Insurance Applications, Pre-Employment Screening and Screening of Staff for Sensitive/Security Positions

Design, implementation, training and support is provided by Digilog.

DiVA technology

The latest innovative approach utilising voice data for risk identification and information validation, incorporating machine learning capabilities


Accredited training programmes, modular in design, with courses customised to suit your requirements