Andy McGeown, Director of Training

Andy joined Digilog in the summer of 2003, capitalising on his extensive experience in both developing and delivering training on Cognitive Interviewing and Conversation Management techniques.

He first worked with these techniques in the 1990’s, when he was part of the management team within the Technical Claims Screening environment at Thomas Cook. In 2000 he moved on to join VFM, where he was engaged in the design and delivery of training of Cognitive Interviewing and Conversation Management and associated techniques to several clients, including many insurers.

He first worked with the Digilog Process when involved in the development and delivery of what is now Digilog’s Training and Technology Solution. Digilog’s training and trainers have been awarded accredited status by the National Open College Network. Andy is recognised as one of the UK’s leading trainers in this field, being highly regarded by peers and trainees alike.

Now as Digilog’s Director of Training, he is responsible for the continued evolution of the Digilog Process based training, developing comprehensive training programmes to fulfil the needs of a number of financial and public organisations, in the UK, Europe and South America.