Only Young Drivers (OYD)

Only Young Drivers (OYD) have worked in partnership with Digilog for over five years using the The Digilog Solution process to screen motor insurance applications for 17-25 year olds.

Trained agents use the Digilog Process and techniques to assess young drivers attitudes towards driving and offer highly competitive car insurance to responsible young drivers.

Using the Digilog Process to assess young drivers attitudes towards driving has resulted in an overall reduction in claims for insurers and an improved loss ratio by only insuring responsible and safe young drivers. This has helped OYD to develop successful partnerships with several large UK insurers and create a unique proposition in the very challenging area of insurance for young drivers. The Digilog OYD approach also provides a viable alternative to telematics by assessing the policyholders attitude towards driving before a policy is issued.

It has been an exciting five years and we look forward to a long and successful future using the Digilog Solution to provide young drivers with competitive car insurance.