Our training approach and accreditation

The Digilog Process and training is designed to be integrated into your business objectives. Our Technology enables the fast & accurate validation of genuine customer claims / applications / transactions & highly focused identification of key integrity risk issues.

We appreciate that we all learn in slightly different ways so the training is designed to help our delegates understand what they have learnt and how to apply it in the real world. The training combines both classroom and the working environment, supported by mentors who form an essential part of the students training and development, enabling then to fully develop their skills and confidence.

Digilog trainers possess exceptional skills in working with groups, individuals and organisations with extensive training and experience in communication skills, management & staff development.

Accreditation – AVS Training

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Digilogs skills based training programmes are accredited by  Gateway Qualifications  and are tailored to each organisations requirement, incorporating modules such as: Customer Service, Communication, Risk Screening, Advanced Interviewing, Investigation, Quality Assurance & Mentor Training.

Achieving  Gateway accreditation formally underpins & is a clear recognition of our company s capability (products & staff) in delivering first class, quality training. Our profile has been enhanced & value added by our affiliation with a nationally recognised body & our offering of an accredited course.

Gateway  credits can be accepted as a means of entry to further & higher education & are recognised by employers & trainers as proof of skills & achievements. Students recognise the benefits for their personal & career development which has made a real difference in terms of staff satisfaction and retention.

Accredited Counter Fraud Technician (ACF Tech) Training

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Delivered by Digilog Accredited Counter Fraud Trainers and independently moderated by Northumbria University and the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board (CFPAB) who oversee the delivery of the training course taking into account the quality and effectiveness.

The course has been designed to provide delegates with an overview of the fraud problem in the UK, the precautions and measures for its control and management, a foundation in both civil and criminal legislation and practical tips in investigation techniques and procedures

The ACFTech training is recognised industry wide and is specifically designed for individuals or groups who deal with fraud i.e. claims handlers, desktop ‹investigators & who would benefit from an understanding of legislation, case law, investigatory best practice and interview techniques which will help you in your respective roles.