Digilog & DEKRA Belgium – A Growing Success

DEKRA Belgium’s Investigations Department has utilised the Digilog Voice Risk Analysis tool for almost 2 years in their fight against Insurance fraud. DEKRA immediately saw the benefits and value in the implementation of Digilog’s technology on their claims processing proficiency. Having started on a small scale, with a single client they have since expanded into other territories based upon the fantastic results emitted thus far.

Within the first month they achieved a superb result on a problematic case whereby a Jaguar XR and €100.000 cash had reportedly been stolen. Here, the intelligent scripting, risk assessment and inclusion of ‘Escape Routes’ has proven extremely effective, offering the would-be fraudster an easy route out without any repercussion, also mitigating the need for further costly investigations. Specifically in relation to car theft cases, more than 30 presumed stolen vehicles were reportedly ‘found’ by the clients policyholders within 5 days of reporting their claims.

They are now working alongside 6 insurers and 2 leasing companies and have achieved a total saving for their clients of more than €1,100.000 within the last 2 years, of which the Digilog process has played a decisive role.

Tim Lauwereys, Manager Investigations at DEKRA Investigations commented: “Digitization is by far the biggest trend in committing Insurance fraud. There is a digital component in +90% of all insurance claims. The amateur fraudster of the past has become the professional fraudster of today by using digital daily tools.

Google is even providing ready-made manuals on how to commit insurance fraud and explains in detail what to do to scam your insurer. This trend makes it challenging for fraud fighters all over the world to keep up with the fraudsters. The need for new tools in fraud fighting is indispensable. The Digilog’s Voice Risk Analysis technology fills this void and gives the investigators a tool to keep up with the fraudsters by beating them in their own game.

The power of the tool lies mainly in the ease of use and speed in which an analysis can be performed. The experience of our field investigators team combined with the support and know-how from Digilog creates a winning team in our fight against insurance fraud.”

Lior Koskas, CEO, Digilog UK added: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside such a skilled team of investigators. Their wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry has really helped utilise the tool to its full potential, bringing it to the forefront of their daily fraud prevention activities and a key factor in their decision making where significant risk has been presented. Excitingly, this ongoing deployment with DEKRA boasts fantastic results and opportunities with potential for further expansion.”