Digilog Sign Partnership Agreement with KUBE Partners

Digilog UK is expanding further into the European market having confirmed a partnership agreement with Kube Partners, an international consultancy and software application company offering innovative anti-fraud solutions and critical business insights for the insurance and banking sectors.

Kube Partners are the innovators of the cutting-edge anti-fraud platform ‘Detector’, a sophisticated web-based solution that detects fraudulent claims and provides tangible benefits in managing and countering them. The company’s expertise has been recognised by Forrester Research, whose recent report on Digital Claims Management highlighted Kube’s investment potential.

By understanding and applying the latest technologies to provide bespoke management platforms, both partners continue to enhance their ability to validate and process crucial information. In an industry where fraud is widespread, Digilog and Kube together are now capable of providing the tools to accurately assess risks and, in turn, reduce overall loss ratios.

Lior Koskas, CEO, Digilog UK commented: “As we share a passion for technology and an aptitude for designing and deploying innovative solutions this partnership is a really inspiring prospect. KUBE’s sheer tenacity and creativity is prevalent in the range of products they offer and we look forward to working closely with them to incorporate The Digilog Solution into frontline fraud detection strategies within the Italian market.”

Kube Partners’ Managing Director Andrea Guerra added: “Our experience has taught us that fighting fraud in a constantly evolving world is an increasingly complex task. Combining different methodologies helps improve the effectiveness of anti-fraud efforts. Digilog provides a completely new approach, which complements our own expertise and skillset to provide our customers with new, even better tools.”

About Digilog

Digilog UK Ltd is a leading provider of Integrated Risk-Reduction Solutions and bespoke training for validating integrity within conversation-based transactions; Applications, Claims, Customer Disputed Transactions and Investigative Interviews.

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About Kube Partners

Kube Partners Italy is an international consultancy and software application company with a focus on the insurance and banking industries, offering fraud solutions, business intelligence services, and operational support.

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