Digilog UK Limited Enters into Agreement with Synectics Solutions to Combat Fraud

Digilog is the leading provider of Integrated Risk-Reduction Solutions and bespoke training for validating integrity within conversation-based transactions such as Applications, Claims, Customer Disputed Transactions and Investigative Interviews.

The new partnership with Synectics Solutions – the fraud and financial crime prevention specialist, has expanded the service offering to insurance companies, to help address the rising threat of fraud within the sector.

The new partnership will enable insurers to access cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to help manage suspicious insurance claims. Digilog’s innovative technology uses Voice Risk Analysis alongside cognitive conversation management and risk analysis techniques to pinpoint risk within a conversation and identify potentially fraudulent activity within an insurance application or claim, whilst also significantly improving the genuine customers journey and experience. This approach combined with the unique data and insight available via Synectics’ National SIRA database provides a unique and compelling offering to the marketplace.

Lior Koskas, CEO at Digilog, said: “We recognise the passion and impact of the team at Synectics Solutions in the fight against claims fraud. We are delighted to be joining forces with Synectics – a partnership that will enable us to combine our innovative technology solutions and know-how to offer insurers the ability to improve their results in the assessment of risk and the prevention of fraud in real-time. This partnership offers strong support for our respective businesses and we look forward to working together.”

Richard Wood, CEO at Synectics Solutions, commented: “With fraudulent motor insurance claims increasing by 50% in the last year, despite the overall number of claims falling due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a real need to do things differently. Insurance companies require access to cutting-edge technology that gives them a distinct advantage in the fight against claims fraud. Our partnership with Digilog does just that.”