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The Future is Here

DiVA Technology

Digital intelligence Voice Analysis, in short DiVA, is the latest innovative approach utilising voice data for risk identification and information validation, incorporating machine learning capabilities.

The Innovative Technology Approach

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides DiVA with the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically.

It delivers faster, more accurate results across a business operation/contact centre. Combining Machine Learning with AI and cognitive techniques can make it even more effective in processing large volumes of calls. Our software complements existing processes and other platforms to provide a ‘live’ environment to identify and challenge risks.

The latest ground-breaking Voice Analysis technology at the heart of Digilog’s Solution uses dynamic and highly innovative algorithms and cognitive indication based methodology to produce a powerful computerised analysis of risk in conversation.

The pre-existing stress levels (which can vary considerably) of each caller are always considered before Voice Analysis, and other indicators, are applied.

This ensures that analysis is tailored to accommodate the individual’s unique set of circumstances at the specific time when their responses are analysed.

Digilog’s Solution and Technology is adapted to meet various needs and deployed in any area where the information within a conversation needs validating.

DiVA Core

DiVA Core technology utilises Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create reference points within the voice spectrum, to identify an individuals unique ‘voice pattern’. By creating a baseline, parameters are generated either side of this baseline which allows DiVA Core to identify any breaches, where the operator assesses relevancy, in real time. Alternately, Core can be deployed to provide a data report where High Risk's presented within the call are logged, allowing for referral and a secondary review of Higher Risk Calls.

Core ‘Plug & Play’ option

For large volume call handing (office & home workers)

  • Real time audible & visual alert of high-risk comments
  • Data Output of Risk Analysis, with timeline against call recording
  • Simple remote installation

DiVA Duo™

DiVA Duo™ combines the Core Technology alongside Conversation Management techniques and an embedded interview framework, which supports focused risk assessment, allowing the capture of behavioural indicators that relate to the fundamental risk presented.

The technology is never used in isolation and will always include the human element in the overall assessment of the conversation. This is at the heart of our dual approach to risk identification and information validation.

Duo ‘Advanced’ option:

For conversations of concern.

All the features of Core ‘Plug & Play plus…

  • As a follow up to an initial conversation or for cases already assessed as being of concern
  • Optional (highly recommended) support in enhancing results with pre-set questions & interviewing techniques
  • Complementing client’s existing fraud solutions
  • Decision making with total confidence & decisiveness

Installing DiVA

DiVA can be installed locally or on a cloud-based server which will securely collate the verified data from each completed call to develop and improve the accuracy of the bespoke voice patterns through a Machine Learning mechanism.

DiVA is compatible with either:

Softphone – A program that is installed on to a PC or Laptop and uses the internet to make audio and video calls.

Hard Phone (T-connector required) – A desk phone that is connected to an IP network. The T-Connector connects the audio between the phone, PC and headset the operator is using.

Risk & Conversation Management

Accurately and efficiently validate conversation-based transactions


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